2020-2021 Department Officers

President Ruby Cramer – Ocean County

1st Vice President Jane Babli – Camden County

2nd Vice President Colleen Breen-Lopez – Passaic County

HistorianSharon Knight – Union County

Chaplain Charleen Gladden- Ocean County

Treasurer Debra Noble – Hudson County

Sgt-@ Arms Trish Muller – Middlesex County

4 thoughts on “2020-2021 Department Officers

    • Freemidget says:

      The county presidents get a list every week, get in touch with them. You also receive a check in about a week after you win. Ask they to put you on their email list.

  1. Catherine J. Keating says:

    Could I please have name also email of Morris Counties Chairman for Woman’s Auxiliary n Americanism. I need to email my monthly reports. I was elected chairperson for Post #390 . I have reports from June to October awaiting to be sent! Thank you Much

    God n Country
    Catherine Keating
    Post 390

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