Purpose: The purpose of the Poppy Committee is to educate ALA membership and the public on the significance of the poppy and the program’s financial benefit for veterans, military, and their families. Standing Rules #6, National Committees – Mission Outreach

Key Program Statements:

  • Promote the Poppy Program and increase revenue.
  • Educate your community on the meaning and the history of the poppy.
  • Celebrate National Poppy Day.
  • Increase the number of poppy makers in your community.

Poppy Day Resources click HERE (You will have to create an account on National’s website if you don’t already have one.)

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2024 Poppy Order form

Poppy Centerpiece Contest information

Poppy Poster Contest information

Poppy Corsage Contest information

Poppy Wreath Contest information

Poppy Poem Contest

Poppy Song Contest