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  Nat. security Newsletter-FEBRUARY 2022

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From the very beginning, the American Legion Auxiliary saw clearly that the security of America depended upon the nation’s ability to defend itself against attack. Support of The American Legion’s recommendations for adequate defense preparations has always been a major activity of the Auxiliary. Continuous and effective educational work has been done among the women of America to win their understanding and support for essential defensive measures. One of the Auxiliary’s most important services to the nation has been achieved in its efforts for national security.

No organization of women in America is more desirous of peace than the American Legion Auxiliary. The women of the Auxiliary well know what war means — members of their families have been in war- time service; they themselves have served; and they have witnessed the effects of war through working in rehabilitation and child welfare. This knowledge has given them a resolute determination that America shall be protected from war by adequate defensive forces backed by a strong reserve.